The Beer Tasting Doodle Book
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beer tasting journal pages
The Beer Tasting Doodle Book
The Beer Tasting Doodle Book

The Beer Tasting Doodle Book

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A Professional Beer Tasting Journal for Scribblers, Doodlers, and Drawers!

Hello Craft Beer Lovers! As a visual learner, I have always used doodles and sketches to help retain important information. It's easy, quick and fun to revisit later. For that reason, I started applying sketches, doodles, and coloring to my own personal beer tasting notebook and loved the results! Every page becomes not only informative but a work of art in its own right.

This notebook is a collection of my most useful doodles (and of course space for your own) applied to Brewing Industry terminology and techniques - meaning you will learn great beer tasting methods AND have a blast while doing it!

Let's drink and draw! - Joshua James (Brewer, Host, Nerd)

So What is this Book?

- Professional, but fun! - This book is the culmination of over 10 years of beer tasting doodles, research and practice - all brought together in this handy logbook to help you on your beer tasting journey.

- A Unique Experience - Most of the note-taking in this book is either drawn, scribbled or colored in! Beer notes have never been this easy - or this fun!

- Compact - Slips easily into a pocket so you can take your beer notes on the go. Enough space to detail 60+ beers!

- Easy To Use - Scribble, doodle or draw your notes! Handy guides and descriptions help you make the most out of your beer note-taking.

- A Handy Reference Guide - Complete with a glossary and logbook for all of your favorite brews. Never lose track and evaluate past beers with a quick glance.

- A Tool for Beer Learning - From aroma charts to mouthfeel, malt characteristics to correct glassware - this beer tasting book has everything you need to improve your beer tasting knowledge and vocabulary.

- Made by a Brewer for Beer Lovers - Joshua James is a brewer with 10 years experience brewing and teaching. This book is a collection of his best beer tasting techniques and tips. Made with love for the craft, and to help you grow as brilliant beer taster!

(Technical Bits)

Binding - Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior - Ink - Black & white
Dimensions (inches) - 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall (Compact pocketbook sized!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Unique gift idea for any beer lover

First of all, I had a custom request and the team at Artisan Doodle Books were wonderful to work with! the book arrived super fast and the packaging is so beautiful i didn't want to open it! The book is fantastic and my partner and I have loved using it during lockdown to evaluate some of our favorite beers while we discuss them. Its been super fun! 10/10 I love this beer book!

Perfect for virtual tasting

We have been hosting virtual tastings during quarantine and this book has been perfect.

Thank goodness for craft beer

Thank you for creating this book to track all of my favorites. My partner and I love using this book. Wicked gift. Wicked fun!

This book is awesome! Beer lovers rejoice!

I love how easy it is to take beer tasting notes, and the the handy guides have helped me level up my beer tasting knowledge. A must-have for all beer lovers!

christmas gift

This is an awesome gift for beer lovers!