About Us

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Hello! Joshua James here - As well as being a passionate beer, wine and whiskey maker with over 10+ years in the brewing industry - I'm also the designer and creator of the Doodle Books. Here's how they came to be!


As a visual learner, I have always used doodles and sketches to help retain important information. It’s easy, quick and fun to revisit later. For that reason, I started applying sketches, doodles and coloring to my own personal tasting notebooks and loved the results! I felt as if I was able to retain the information much easier, and it was way more fun.

So the idea was born. I was lucky enough to hit a cross section between my two professions - Graphic Design and Brewing - and spent the next year dedicated to creating something anyone interested in beer, wine or whiskey would find useful and more importantly, fun.

For me, every page is not only informative, but a work of personal art in its own right. These notebooks are created from a collection of my most useful doodles (and of course space plenty of space for your own) applied to beer, wine and whiskey industry terminology and techniques - meaning you will learn great tasting methods AND have a blast while doing it! Let's drink and draw!


If you've ever hear the term 'passion project', it couldn't be more suited to these books. I love creating them, and the feedback I get from the community drives me to keep making more. For everyone that has supported me since the first book - I wholeheartedly thank you.

All the best,
Joshua James
Brewer, Maker, Nerd